mont7Montessori schools were originally named “Children’s Houses” because they were designed to be places where the perspective of the child was paramount. Continuing in this tradition, Montessori @ Home provides Montessori environment in a regular house setting. Where rooms, filled with developmentally appropriate activities, carefully chosen and beautifully prepared, and equipped with child sized furniture, communicate to the children that this is a special place for them.

For Montessori @ Home in Huntington Beach the concept of self-correction is very important. This self-correcting feature enables each child to develop independence, as well as fosters the child’s ability to progress at the pace that is unique and perfect for him/her.

mont6An active learning style is nurtured in Montessori @ Home. The children are encouraged to seek answers to their questions, to follow their interests, and to develop to their fullest potential. The curriculum serves to answer each child’s needs, rather than binds each child in a rigid sequence. The children are motivated to learn and to excel, and consequently are empowered by feelings of intrinsic satisfaction and self confidence.

Our classroom is a living community. The children have the opportunity to establish friendships not just amongst their own age groups, but also with children younger and older than themselves. The mixed aged groupings create relationships that are satisfying to all.

Education at Montessori @ Home follows developmental approach that strives to educate the whole child, lays a solid foundation and inspires a lifelong joy in learning. The program is designed to promote intellectual growth, artistic creativity, critical thinking skills, social responsibility, flexibility and preparedness for the fast changing life our children face in the future. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent program in a loving relaxed atmosphere that respects the child’s pace and interests.

mont2Programs benefiting the child: Our programs are geared to meet the needs of each child on an individual basis with emphasis being placed on the child’s uniqueness. We provide a wide range of activities from which the child can select, thereby developing his independence by making decisions. The child enjoys a freedom, which encourages him to express his creative abilities and master the skills necessary to build self-confidence and good self-esteem. This freedom is experience within a structured framework established by the teacher with limits to provide security for the child and insure progress in all areas of his/her development. Discipline is established in a firm but loving way, always emphasizing the positive and by using consistency in reinforcing simple basic rules.

mont5The environment for children in a Montessori classroom consists mainly of the following areas:

  • Exercises of Practical Life.
  • Sensorial Materials
  • Mathematical Materials
  • Language Materials
  • Cultural Materials: This area covers Geography, Botany, Zoology, Science, Art, Computer skills, Cooking, Yoga, Music, and Dance.

Montessori @ Home has classrooms of small number of children, so that each child gets a chance to get individual attention and custom made teaching skills according to each student’s capacity and capability to absorb information.

Montessori @ Home is not affiliated with any religious group or institution, nor do we teach any religion. MHCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national & ethnic origin in administration of educational and admission policies.

Montessori @ Home is located in the sunny Huntington Beach.