About Sara

21071_1315579564945_3421150_nMontessori @ Home Childcare Center and after school daycare is started by Sara Shirazi an AMI Montessori certified teacher, who was taught Montessori by the person who directly worked with Dr. Maria Montessori and received her instructors license directly from her. She considers her training unique, as generally instructions are given with direction of how to teach. Her instructions along with how, also came with lots of why.
For example “Hand Washing Exercise” Why it is important to show children how to scrub individual finger one at a time? So the nerves from the finger tips stimulate the brain cells.

Mrs. Sara Shirazi with a major in child psychology had the opportunity of working in various refined Montessori schools of three different continents; Asia, Europe, and North America. She is teaching and directing Montessori in Orange County of California since 1992. She is known to inspire her students to enjoy learning and develop the desire to gain knowledge. As she strongly believes “Children are hungry for knowledge”.

Montessori @ Home has classrooms of small number of children, so that each child gets a chance to get individual attention and custom made teaching skills according to each student’s capacity and capability to absorb information.

Montessori @ Home is not affiliated with any religious group or institution, nor do we teach any religion. MHCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national & ethnic origin in administration of educational and admission policies.